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ProgramsПрограми - BVAP – Balkan Vulture Action PlanПлан за действие за опазване на лешоядите на Балканския полуостров (BVAP)

FWFF is a partner in BVAP – the Balkan Vulture Action Plan.

BVAP is an initiative that is funded and assisted by the Frankfurt Zoological Society and the Vulture Conservation Foundation. It aims to restore healthy populations of all 4 vulture species; Bearded, Black, Egyptian and Griffon to the Balkan Peninsula and adjacent areas. It does this by supporting the initiatives of partner organisations such as FWFF.

BVAP provides technical assistance from experts all over Europe. The strength of BVAP is its ability to bring together the huge variety of NGO’s that are interested in this field and to co-ordinate their actions appropriately.
A lot of FWFF’s work involves the BVAP including the ANTIDOTE Programme, compensation program and the re-introduction of Griffon Vulture in Kotel Mountain. BVAP provided FWFF with the support that helped it make the feasibility study for the re-introduction of Griffon Vultures.

For more information on BVAP see the website

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