C5. Artificial nests construction

C5. Artificial nests construction for target birds of prey species and their prey species 

Expected results: 

5 artificial nest caves digged for Egyptian vultures and falcons

3 cliff ledges and/or caves improved for Griffon Vultures nests

200 nest boxes for Stock Dove and Jackdaws prepared and placed to help their reproduction and concentration

A Dove cote is built at the roof of the FWFF farm

Achieved results so far: 

The info of GPS/GSM tracking of Griffon Vultures showed frequent death cases of vultures from electrocution. It  indicated the most dangerous  pylons. The following actions under C5 emergently took place. There were attracted institutions and the Electric Company. So unplanned eight powerline poles were equipped with 48 perch discouragers of which the two poles proven to be vulture-killers.The effect was immediate as no other birds were found dead after the installment. The service was paid to a company by the project and the Electric Company has contributed by stopping the electricity for few days.


Five 3D  models of GV were made to be put in the caves planned for digging. The models are good method to respect other bird species as Golden Eagle and Raven, which usually attack vultures and discourage them to nest.