C3. Guarding dogs provision to shepherds and support

C3. Guarding dogs provision to shepherds and support

Expected results:  100 Guarding dogs delivered to shepherds in need

50 trained dogs in the FWFF farms and later provided to shepherds

About 20 dogs are introduced in herds and provided with food for up to two years.

The man/predators conflict reduced with about 80 % in herds where guarding dogs are introduced.

Tolerance to predators increased in shepherds and related communities.

No stray dogs are released by the shepherds involved in the project.

Achieved results so far: 

Seven guarding dogs were obtained from the owner of the herd which FWFF has purchased for the project. 26 puppies produced and donated to farmers  as compensation.

Unfortunately the scientific analysis have done by FWFF team, using the collected data and protocols of depredation in SW Bulgaria for the last 9 years,  shows  that having Guarding dogs  doesn’t ultimately stop from predators’ attacks. The article with a title HOW TO AVOID DEPREDATION ON LIVESTOCK BY WOLF – THEORIES AND TESTS Emilian STOYNOV¹, Atanas GROZDANOV², Stamen STANCHEV¹, Hristo PESHEV¹, Nadia VANGELOVA¹, Danielo PESHEV² is being in press by the Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science. Very soon it will be published on FWFF web page.