A1 Release and tracking of Griffon Vultures

Expected results:

Ten griffon vultures will be tracked through GPS/GSM and in addition by VHF telemetry for up to two years each, providing invaluable data to identify the foraging area, roosting and breeding sites. This will directly inform a series of conservation actions subsequently in the project.

Movements of the birds will be presented on the project web site and media, and will be used for both raising public awareness and releasing the educational purposes about griffon vultures and birds of prey, their importance and conservation status.



The achieved results so far:

41 Griffon Vultures were released within the project in Kresna Gorge. Six birds were equipped with GPS/GSM transmitters and two with VHF transmitters. 5 GPS/GSM transmitters purchased, 4 recycled . 5 tailmounts have been bought.

Uploading Vultures movements on Google Earth on the projects’ web site- E1. It provokes higher interest to the LIFE for Kresna Gorge site. Link

Tracking info showed frequent death cases of vultures from electrocution. It indicated the most dangerous pylons. The following actions under C5 emergently took place. Attracted institutions and the Electric Company. There were created new water places for livestock and birds to drink.

The data concentrated the Compensation Program under C4 in a certain region and villages where the GV mostly roam and search for food e.g. Gorna Breznica (Over 200 Farmers have been compensated)

The collected data from transmitters helped us to choose a suitable area to place down the cattle farm under C1. Was chosen the neighbor village of Mechkul as optimal, was purchased land and an old farm, lately renovated.