LIVE DRONES spy for poisoning. PARIS and BARSA are the new against-poison “spy vultures” in Kresna Gorge

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Recently our team has received five Griffon vultures, donated by Paris Zoo and Barcelona Zoo for the Reintroduction Program at Kresna Gorge.  They are named after the donators- Barsa and Paris.  The immature birds are to play a vital role to prevent poisoning of wildlife in future.

It is an innovative idea to recruit vultures to search for poisonous baits. GPS/GPRS transmitters attached to captured birds in Kresna gorge turned them to “spy vultures”.  The current location is delivered at every 10 minutes to the project team. The places where birds stay for more than half an hour are checked on the ground. This is a response to the prevention of cases such as the poisoning of almost the whole colony of the Griffon Vulture in the Kresna Gorge in March 2017.

Five transmitters have been placed on Griffon vultures in Kresna Gorge so far.

A new breeding Griffon vulture colony in Macedonia turned up thanks to the recruiting of wild Griffon Vultures as against-poison "spies". GPS/GPRS transmitters attached to captured birds in Kresna gorge turned them to “spy vultures” and have revealed the precious information to the colleagues from NCA "Aquila" last days. There are confirmed 3 and it is possible that 4 active nests are present, unknown until recently. The site is a former colony of vultures from the early eighties, lately extinct.

Tracking of vultures from Kresna Gorge is an excellent way to timely get out information about different threats as poisoning and poaching.

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