“Reptiles” Brigade 2015 at the Wildlife Center Rakitna

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A group of biology and ecology students from Sofia University and the Southwest University in Bulgaria has joined the FWFF team in tagging and measuring of 45 Hermann and Greek tortoises in Kresna Gorge. The region is of the greatest reptile- diversity in the country. The two species are target for the project “LFE for Kresna Gorge”, so we aim to make is a first home for the confiscated tortoises from Southwest Bulgaria.

The students and FWFF team track the size, location, movement and the common health of caught tortoises. The data received will answer some questions as what is the importance of extensive livestock breeding for tortoise population.

Our team strongly believes that rich biodiversity is in high correlation with the maintenance of pasture ecosystems and thus with conducting of extensive livestock breeding


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