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Transhumance Festival in Kotel, 7-th May 2013

The Transhumance Celebration Days Kotel 2013 was held on the 7th May. About two hundred guests and participants have joined the sheep herd of 450 animals going up to the mountain pastures for the summer period. Within the three hours there were organized competitions for the best shepherd dog and the most useful shepherd’s objects […]

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Re-introduction of Suslik in Kotel Mountain

The European Ground Squirrel (Suslik) (Spermophilus citellus) is a Globally threatened species (IUCN Red List) that faced rapid decline in population in XX century. In Kotel Mountain the species disappeared in 1990-ies due to habitat degradation based on lack of grazing. In 2011 the first 57 susliks were translaocated from the area of Sliven to the […]

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5 juvenile Griffon Vultures present in Kresna Gorge on 15.10.2011

Five juvenile Griffon Vultures born in 2011 were observed at feeding site and later on roosting in Kresna Gorge on 15.10.2011. The birds were not marked, but they most probably originate from Serbia or Croatia and use the Kresna Gorge as stepping stone during their migration towards Bosporus. From Bosporus these Griffon Vultures will most probably […]

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