Eight electric pylons dangerous for vultures were equipped with perch discouragers in Kresna Gorge

Eight electric pylons dangerous for vultures in Kresna Gorge were equipped with perch discouragers.

In 2012 two Griffon Vultures were electrocuted on two of these 20 kV electric pylons. One of the birds was released within the project, while the other was a guest juvenile, probably originating from Croatia. Vultures native to Balkan Peninsula are a common sight while passing through the area on their migration. The  Kresna Gorge became an important stopover for the Griffon Vultures on their migration, where they benefit from the feeding site and the company of the newly released vultures within the project.

FWFF with the assistance of “CEZ Electrodistribution” company implemented the equippment of some of the most dangerous pylons in the area. This way it is believed the area is now safe for birds of prey such as Griffon and Egyptian Vultures, Golden Eagle, Black and Red kites and others.